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Updated at September 21, 2020 12:16:04 PM

Municipal Council

Members of council

In Ogden, there are no electoral districts, thus every member of Council represents all Ogden citizens.


Mr.Richard Violette


Seat no. 1 : Michael Sudlow


Seat no. 2 : Jean R.Roy


Seat no. 3 : Claudette Dupras


 Seat no. 4 : Marie-Andrée Courval


Seat no. 5 : Lise Rousseau


Seat no. 6 : Sylvie Lefebvre


Code of ethics

In compliance with provincial regulations, Council adopted a Code of ethics (in French only at present) whose guidelines apply to all Council members of the Municipality of Ogden.

Bad officials are elected by good citizens who do not vote.

- George Jean Nathan

Calendar of regular sittings of Council in 2020

  • Monday, January 13th
  • Monday, February 3rd
  • Wednesday, March 11th
  • Wednesday, April 1st
  • Monday, May 4th 
  • Monday, June 1st
  • Monday, July 6th
  • Monday, August 3rd
  • Wednesday September 9th 
  • Monday, October 5th
  • Monday, November 2nd
  • Monday, December 7nd

All regular sittings of Council are held at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall, located at 70 Ogden Road in Ogden. 

Citizens may express themselves during the question period held at the beginning of every meeting.


Agenda June 1 2020

Agenda May 4 2020

Agenda April 1 2020

Agenda March 11 2020

Agenda February 3rd 2020 

Agenda October 7 2019

Agenda May 6 2019

Agenda April 1 2019

Agenda March 4 2019

Agenda February 4 2019

Agenda January 14, 2019

Agenda of September 5 2018 meeting

Agenda of October 3rd 2018 meeting 

Agenda December 3rd 2018 meeting 


Minutes of Council sittings

(please note that recent English minutes will be available as soon as possible)

Minutes of March 2nd 2015 sitting

Mayor’s Report

The Mayor’s Report is issued once per year and is tabled at the regular sitting of Council held in November. A copy is then mailed to all citizens before the end of the year.