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Roads & Transportation


Road closures / Major roadwork

Laflamme road is closed from the Tomifobia river to Laperle road for the winter season


Property owners are responsible for the cost of the culvert at the entrance of their property. The Municipality installs the culvert for them. Please contact the Road Inspector for further details.

Property owners are also responsible for the maintenance of their entrance culvert, especially in the spring when culverts should be free of all obstructions to allow for the free flow of water generated by melting snow. Poor maintenance can result in residential flooding and damages to the road network.

Consult the by-law

Snow removal

Pushing snow across and onto the public road is strictly forbidden. The Municipality and the SQ issue warnings and fines to those who leave piles of snow onto the public roads. These snow piles can form «double snow banks» and often get very hard. Indeed, they have been known to displace the snow plough! Please tell your contractor to push the snow onto your own property to ensure the safety of motorists circulating on your road.


Transportation for handicapped persons

Since January 2006, Quebec municipalities must provide to their handicapped citizens access, within their territory, to transportation adapted to their needs. If you require such a service, please call the Municipal Office; we will be happy to explain how you may avail yourself of this service.